Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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HAPPY SPRING! With Spring comes Easter and I know I struggle to find new items to fill my kids easter baskets with each year so I'm sure other moms feel the same! Today I'm bringing you some ideas from brands that I love! I'd love for this to be a resource for you while shopping this year!

First up, Magic Mixies Color Surprise Magic Cauldron. This was a hit with my oldest daughter who's 9. She loved getting to pour in the Bubble 'N' Fizz Dust and watch her mixie reveal itself! This was such a fun and magical toy! There are 6 possible Mixie Plushies, making this a fun toy to collect! Your child can get creative and name her mixie as well as experience 6 different color changing surprises! If you have a child like mine who loves to play pretend this is a perfect gift for them.

You can shop here: Color Surprise Cauldron

Next, bath and body products are perfect items to add into their easter baskets! Today I'm sharing one of my favorite body care brands Baby Magic! This brand is great for the whole family. It's full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as shea butter, aloe, colloidal oat and vitamin B5 and E. This brand has been around for over 70 years and is dermatologist recommended. It even works well for my daughter with sensitive skin!

You can shop here: 

Soothing Hair & Body Wash

Creamy Whipped Butter

Okay, this next product is one of my favorites! This is the Bunny Hop Mixer from Manhattan Toys. Nothing screams Easter more than bunnies so this product is so on theme! I love wooden toys because they tend to last much longer and as a mom to 3, I love anything that can be handed down to my youngest. This toy encourages imaginative play and helps with gross motor. The perfect addition to any play kitchen! 

Shop here: Bunny Hop Mixer and save 20% now through 3/30th!

Build-A-Bear is something I loved as a kid and it's now something I love to share with my littles. Whether it be going in store to create a fury friend or shopping online in their Easter Giftshop you will be sure to have a fun time and a great gift for a loved one. I'm adding this bunny into my girls easter basket and I know she's going to love having a new friend to play with!

Head here: Gift shop to shop online or visit a retail location near you! 

Lastly, I always like to throw in some new clothes for spring into my girls baskets! French Toast Apparel has some amazing quality school uniforms if you're in the market! They are so comfortable for my kids and can be worn for play or on the weekends too! Pictured above is my daughter wearing the Pique Short Sleeve polo and the Two-Tab Pleated Skort. Both come in a wide variety of sizes perfect for any age kid.

Shop all they have to offer here: French Toast Apparel and all purchases are 20% off through March, no code needed!

Baby Products I've been loving

Monday, February 20, 2023

 Baby Products I've been loving that I think you should know about!

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As a mom to three, I feel that i'm a good source for baby must haves. Recently I've discovered some new products and brands that I think you should know about. I'll include all product links within this post as well for you to check out!

First up, I wanted to share with you a brand called Boon. Boon carries the baby bottle we have been using with baby #3 as well as our drying rack. The bottles are called the NURSH Silicone Pouch Bottle and I love how easy the silicone bottle is to wash and that the bottles do not have a bunch of small parts to clean. The silicone pouch also collapses as the baby drinks to get rid of air that can cause gas and fussiness making them anti-colic! These bottles are BPA Free and safe for use in the freezer, boiled, sterilized and in the microwave! 

Shop Bottles here: NURSH Silicone Pouch Bottle

The ARC Modular Drying Rack from Boon is one of my favorite products. I love the compact size and how stylish it looks on my counter. This dish rack will definitely be used for more than just my baby items with how cute it is! The 7 Prong Rack is perfect for cups or bottles and the Quick Drain cup is where I put smaller items like pacifiers and bottle parts, it contains a hole at the bottle so nothing is left sitting in water. The mat is made of a non slip silicone so you can be sure your dishes are not going anywhere! 

Shop the ARC Modular Drying Rack here: Dish Rack

Next up we have the Baby Magic creamy baby oil. Baby Magic is dermatologist and pediatrician recommended and a product I love to use on all of my children. This is a must have skin care product! It uses coconut oil and lotion to hydrate the skin and has a magical scent that calms baby. Some ingredients it contains are Camellia Oil and Marshmallow root both of which are great calming agents and contains aloe which we know is an amazing moisturizer. It's hypoallergenic and does not contain mineral oil so you can feel good about what you are putting on your babies skin! 

You can purchase this moisturizer here: Baby Magic

Making baby food at home is something I wanted to do this time around with baby #3. It was so inconvenient to have to go out and buy all the jar foods and purees and instead I wanted to go a more cost effective route. Plus I can control what goes into the food I'm giving the baby, think farm to table. No additives or dyes! I knew I wanted a baby food maker and this one from The First Years looked like exactly what I needed.The First Fresh Foods Blender & Steamer has made the process so easy! Simply add your cut up veggies or fruit of choice, steam and blend, thats all! You can choose what consistency you make the food as well as using the steam only option to soften larger food items if you're going the baby led weaning route. This product is also super easy to clean. All sections remove including the water chamber so no need to worry about built up mold or grim. I also love how large the bowl is. That way I can prep a ton of food at once to have ready to serve my little one!

You can shop this product here: Baby Food Maker

Lets talk baby toys! Fat Brain Toys creates some of my favorite open learning toys. 
Starting with the InnyBin, I love watching my kids explore how to put the toys in the cube and figure out how to maneuver them out. This works on developing that much needed fine motor skills and is BPA Free. The bright colors are intriguing and I love seeing them challenged while sorting the shapes.
Shop here: InnyBin
 Next up is the Dimpl Billow & Bright. This one is a set of two toys one with a bright yellow outer ring that can be played with and also a double sided mirror and another full of dimples perfect for sensory play. I love holding up the mirror towards my baby and see her discovering her face! This product is BPA Free and contains food grade silicone. 
These sensory toys would make for a perfect gift for any baby in your life and are one of the top toys for 1-year olds. Check out all they have to offer here: Fat Brain Toys and use code: FBT14 for 14% off one item!

Disney Music has a lullaby playlist which has proven to be such a great tool in relaxing the house after a stressful day. Throw on this family friendly playlist at nap time or bed time and the lullabies and soothing instrumentals will be sure to settle your baby down. I love that they took my favorite Disney songs and remade them into lullabies, even I enjoy!

Check out the playlist here: Disney Lullaby playlist

Lastly, I wanted to share these baby shoes from Stonz. Pictured here are the Yale baby shoes. These are perfect for ages 0-24 months. It's so easy to slip them on their feet and I love the soft sole. The stretchy cuff also makes sure they do not slip off their feet! These can withstand all those baby wiggles and keep babies feet warm and stylish! An added plus is that they use vegan materials!
Check out Stonz here: Stonz footwear
and use code: BBOX10 for 10% off a one time purchase of select soft sole baby shoes. Offer expires 4/31/2023

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