6 Skincare Products I Just Can't Live Without- Friday Favorites

Friday, January 19, 2018

 Hey Guys! Welcome back to the blog! Today I am going over some of my ride or die skin care products. These are all products that I use on a regular basis and have been tried and true for my skin!
My skin is combination oily and except for a breakout here or there my skin is pretty much okay and not really acne prone, but a ton of these products will work well for those who are! All of these products are super accessible and super affordable. Definitely check them out!

I hope you enjoy!

Okay let's talk about my favorite cleanser right now! This cleanser can be found at almost any drug store near you. It is roughly $12.00 and works so well! Like I've said in previous posts I am a sucker for a face wash that is also good at taking my makeup off and this one is seriously the best! Anytime I can skip a step in my routine I do, so not having to go in with a makeup remover is nice and a great time saver! It has a creamy consistency instead of being oil-based so it's perfect for my oily girls and foams up nicely! If you do not like a foamy cleanser than this is not the one for you.
Buy it here: Cleanser

Okay so here is a product that I literally have been using everyday for the past 6 months! This helps me keep any acne at bay and if I notice I am breaking out it'll dry it right up! This is a leave on mask that I use directly after cleansing my skin. It is Benxoyl Peroxide based so it will bleach towels and clothes so be mindful of that! I seriously swear by this!!
Buy it here: Acne Leave On Mask

Next is my fav moisturizer, The Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. This is also another great product for anyone with oily skin. Like the name implies it is gel based not oil based so it wont clog your pores at all, but it'll still keep your skin hydrated! If you do have dry skin they have the same moisturizer in a cream format! Moisturizer is so so important so if you are going to lose any step please do not skip over this one! Moisturizing helps hydrate the skin, prevent wrinkling and helps to keep your face looking younger as long as possible! It is the most important skincare secret in my book!

Next we can't forget to moisturize our lips! I prefer to use Vaseline or Aquaphor. I haven't met a traditional chap-stick that didn't dry out my lips in some way. These both help to keep the moisture in and save our lips from looking crusty!
Buy it here: Vaseline Lip Therapy

This next product is something that I do not use everyday. This is a micro-dermabrasion product and it is best to use this only 2-3 days a week otherwise it could be too harsh and you could irritate your skin. Exfoliating your skin is also really important. We need to get all that yucky dead skin off of our face otherwise it could end up clogging our pores and leading to more breakouts! I love using this product to help shed away the dead skin cells and to even out my skin tone. This product helps to shrink pores as well, which is always a plus!

Okay lastly, this is by far my favorite mask! This is a charcoal mask and this mask really helps to draw out all the toxins from your skin! I love to do a mask at least once a week just to pamper my skin some more! We only have one skin and we need to take care of it! I love to apply this mask before a nice bubble bath and just let it sit on my skin and do it's magic, so relaxing!!

Stay tuned for more beauty and skincare favorites in the future!

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Daily Reflection- Motivational Monday

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hey loves! Welcome back! Today is week two of my Motivational Monday series! 

These posts really help me to take a step back and refocus my mind for the week. It is so easy to lose sight of what is really important in life. I challenge everyone to take at least one day a week to reflect on your lives. To remind ourselves of the goals that we have placed and just take some time to breathe! 

In today’s society we place such an importance on being busy. That if we don’t have plans then we aren’t living to the fullest. That if we aren’t out every weekend with friends then our life is dull. Oh how I wish we would stop thinking like this. It is in those times when you are alone, at peace, and one with your thoughts that you can really grow. We need this time as humans to relax, to give ourselves some rest from the stressors of this world. We all need time to just be alone. Whether it is waking up early before work to read a devotion, to spend some time in prayer or to just unwind with our favorite book! We really need to place more of an importance in our mental self care. We are all about spending time on our appearance, getting our nails and hair done, buying a new outfit to make ourselves feel good. But why don’t we spend more time strengthening our minds?

This week I challenge you to spend more time in your thoughts. Let’s all strive to take 5 minutes and reflect on our days. 
I plan to write down everyday something that made me happy and something I want to do better at the next day! Even on the worst days there is always some good. What a great reminder of this. Also it’ll be so nice to look back on months from now! 
A great thing to have that’ll help make this easier for you is a 1- Minute Gratitude Journal. If you haven’t heard of these, they are little journals that have questions for you to answer everyday. It’ll only take a minute, hence the name, and is perfect for those of us who don’t really have a ton of time to be alone with our thoughts. These questions help us to reflect on our day and are the perfect tool for strengthening our minds! 
I have placed a link below so you can buy your own 1-Minute journal!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! 


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New Year, New Me? 2018 Goals and Resolutions-Motivational Monday

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hey loves! Welcome back to my blog! So one of my goals for 2018 is to be more consistent on my page for you guys! One way that I am keeping myself accountable with this goal is to initiate a new series on my blog called Motivational Monday. Every (hopefully-just keeping it real) Monday I will be posting a motivational piece to my page! I am hoping this will keep me in good spirits all year long and motivate you guys as well!
Today I am talking about my goals and resolutions for the new year! I hope you all enjoy this post and that it helps inspire you to make your own goals!
Alright, now that you've read my goals for the year I wanted to talk briefly about a few of these.
As most of you know, I have been on a fitness journey since November 2016. That month I chose to join a local gym and I haven't looked back ever since. A little over a year later and I am 77lbs down and well over 70 inches lost. The year of 2017 was a year of growth and change, not only physically but mentally as well. I look at life differently now. I am more positive and I have totally reprioritized my life. This brings me to my goals of staying active and drinking more water. Health and fitness is a big part of my life and I know in order to meet some of my weight-loss goals I need to remain focused, active and continue to place clean eating and tons of water as a priority and goal in my life.

Being a parent has been the most challenging thing I've ever done. Some days I cry and feel completely stressed out. Other days I wonder if I'm doing any of this right. But the majority of the time has been joyful, full of memories and laughter. My daughter has helped me grown into a great mom, friend and overall better person. She loves and she loves hard. I aim to be more like her. I strive to be my best possible self because of her and for her. This brings me to the goal of being present. I often find myself so wrapped up in the stresses of life. Cleaning, money problems, social media and who knows what else. That I am not present. I hope to grow as a parent this year. To put my daughter first no matter what. To listen better and to grow closer to her. She really is my best friend. But ultimately I hope to find balance in my life. To be able to know when to put the phone down and just be here, here in this moment making memories with my daughter!

Lastly, I had to throw some blogger goals into the mix. I hope to grow my page this year. To become a page where women go to for advice on life, motivation, fashion, or just to chat like a friend. I plan to blog more, interact more with you all and just have some fun with this page! This may never turn into anything other than a hobby but it is something that I love and want to do more of! Thank you all for the support you've given me thus far and I cannot wait to see what the future will bring to us!


Saranghae - Korean Skincare Routine

Happy 2018 guys! Today I am talking about something I hold near and dear to my heart! If you know me at all than you know skincare is something I am very passionate about, to say the least! It is so important to get a routine down and get it down fast! There is no set age where skincare becomes important! The sooner you start putting your skin as a priority in your life the better! I am a firm believer that a good skincare routine can prevent the signs of aging as well as help reverse what has already begun.
Saranghae is one of the fastest growing Korean Skincare systems out there! I was lucky enough to try all of these products out for myself and I must say that I am really impressed!
I tried the 5-step system from Saranghae, which was just reformulated in 2017! I've been using these products for over a month now and I really do see a difference in my skin! Their products are focused on anti-aging but they also help with the overall health of the skin! These products are great for any age and their market has been ages 19-65+, which also supports my claim that skincare is for any age! No need to wait until your older to start caring about your skin! The time is now! I've really noticed my skin has brightened and my tone has evened through the use of these products! I am not someone who necessarily needs anti-aging products but I do feel that prevention is key!
Step 1: Nourishing & Moosturizing Oil + Foam Cleanser

This cleaner is great! When looking for a cleanser I love ones that also do a great job with taking off makeup. With already doing so much with your skincare routine sometimes I get lazy and do not wish to add the extra step with a makeup remover as well. This cleanser works well at both cleaning my face and taking my makeup off! It is made with Truffle Extract & Gold! How luxurious! I am obsessed!
Step 2: Deep Radiance Essence and Serum

Okay so after cleansing it is best to go in with your serum or toner! This product is super lightweight and penetrates the skin to provide all the nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids that our skin needs! It is made with 10% linteus extract which helps to heal and regenerate our skin! These are all great things, especially for anti-aging!
Step 3: Firm & Lift Regeneration Cream

This product does so many great things! It protects from free radicals, environmental stressors, repairs damaged skin and also helps to reduce redness and wrinkles! It is really a jack of all trades product! If I can recommend only one thing to you all it would be this cream!
Step 4: Focus Renewal Eye Cream
Now we can't forget about those under eyes! A huge giveaway for aging skin is dark circles and bags under our eyes! This product helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness! As a toddler mom darkness under my eyes is something I struggle with! This product helped lighten and brighten my under eye area and helped make me look a little less tired and stressed! This product also helps lift and firm the skin under your eyes! When we age we lose a ton of elasticity in our skin, especially the under eyes! Everything seems to sag downwards, but we want to help aid in creating more elasticity and lift for those under eyes creating a younger looking self. This 5-step system does that for us!
Step 5: Elemental Essence Mask

Lastly, we can't forget to pamper our skin! This sheet mask is heaven sent after a long and tiring day! No better way to relax than with a face mask! This one you leave on for about 15-20 minutes (which is just about how much alone time a mom gets) and then you rub the excess product into your skin! My skin felt so hydrated after use of this product and I love that it has hyaluronic acid in it as well! What a treat for our skin!
Thank you all for reading!! I absolutely loved trying/reviewing these products! This really is a high-end Skincare system with high quality ingredients! You also can't beat this price!
I can't wait to see my face transform even more with continued use!
Love you all!
If you would like to shop these products please head over to and purchase your own 5-step system or buy some of these amazing products separately!
For your own researching purposes check out Saranghae's social media's listed below!
YouTube (how to use videos)
“About Saranghae:
Saranghae is an award winning Korean 5 Step Anti-Aging skin care routine that heals, regenerates and protects your skin. Saranghae’s focus on natural ingredients and highly effective products has helped them become the fastest growing Korean skin care brand in the United States.
For more information please visit:
Saranghae Review, Saranghae Reviews, Saranghae 5 Step Routine, Korean Beauty, K-Beauty, Korean skin
care, Korean Skin Care “

The Fount Leather Goods Trunk Show

Hey loves! Welcome back to my blog!!

Today I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes with Fount Leather Goods here in Cleveland, OH. Fount began with a couple doing what they loved in their small apartment unsuspecting of what was to come— a booming business. Fount places a huge emphasis on quality! They often produce up to 15 proto types in order to get the bags just right! They also rely heavy on customer feedback. Think there should be a strap on this bag ... okay. A pocket here... okay. They take those comments and go back to the drawing board on what to produce next that would better serve the customer! There is definitely a lot of love and time that goes into these pieces! During my visit I was blessed to meet one of the owners of Fount and hear a little story on how they came to be! Jackie is so down to earth and you can just tell the passion she has for their leather goods! I was also able to go on a tour of their production studio! It was awesome to see exactly where the magic happens! These bags are of such high quality! You could run them over and they would still look brand new! The straps are strong as well- They use a weighted technology to help support their bags, how innovative!! I absolutely love this company and love to support American made products and smaller companies. Everywhere I looked today there were smiling faces. These bags bring joy to all! The tour also really put into perspective just how much time and love goes into each and every one of these bags!You can shop all of their bags here: if local to Cleveland check out their store front in the Gordon Square Arts District! 6706 Detroit Rd B Cleveland,OH 44102And lastly what I love about Fount the most is that they work hand and hand with refugees, providing jobs and stability in their lives! They give back to dozens of charities, including sending some first generation students to college! Fount has the principles that people are looking for in a small business! American-made and with love! Y’all definitely have to check them out! Thank you so much to the Fount team for letting us tour and get to know your brand a little better! ✨Xoxo,
Thecurvyguru | Kourtlyn
Contact me:
IG: thecurvyguru

$20.00 Sweaters || Black Friday Deals

Hey Ladies! Happy Thanksgiving!! 🖤🦃🍁
I just wanted to pop on here and share with you an awesome deal that Charlotte Russe is having right now! Their entire site (excluding bridesmaids dresses and regular sale items) is $20.00 or less & free shipping!! This deal starts today and ends Friday! What I love about shopping here is that it is so easy to just return to your local store if things don't workout! Makes online shopping easy 🖤
This post I'm focusing on sweaters! With the cooler months approaching it's time to stock up! All sweaters are only $20.00 and they have such a great selection for regular sizes as well as plus! I will be showing my top picks from their plus size collection below!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Look at that sleeve detail! I'm definitely purchasing this one!! Comes in 2 colors
Shop here: Tiered Sleeved Sweater

Totally loving that this fabric is becoming popular again! So cute for winter!!
Shop here: Fuzzy Sweater

Anyone else loving these dusty pastel shades for the fall !?? And check out that shoulder cutout detail! Super cute
Shop here: Purple Sweater

Um yes! This mustard color is to die for!! I am obsessing over off the shoulder sweaters lately! & for only 20.00 that's a deal!
Shop here: Off The Shoulder

I am loving this duster- it looks soooo comfy! Perfect to dress up or down!
Shop here: Grey Duster

And last but not least.... this awesome dark olive green sweater! Loving chenille this fall!!
Shop here: Green Cut Out
That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed // and make sure you head over to their site to check out all the other great deals!
Thecurvyguru // Kourtlyn
IG: thecurvyguru

Holiday Gift Guide-Nordstrom Edition

Hey Guys! Welcome back! I wanted to hop on here and share some items that I am loving this year! I've been shopping around Nordstrom recently and noticed they have some great items for gifts and they even have some gift guides on their site which makes shopping and narrowing down items in their site easy! I'm trying really hard not to just shop for myself with all the cute things I'm finding! And i absolutely love that I'm finding almost everything in one place! A great perk as well is Nordstrom always has free shipping (super fast I might add!) and free returns so no need to stress about online ordering!
Here are some of my picks:
I found way too many items and my cart is so full! Shopping for others is so much fun! I'm pretty sure I'll be doing a part two here soon! Now let's get into the breakdown:

I'm seriously obsessing over beanies this season! They look so cute on literally everyone! Look how cute that fur puff is on top 😍
Shop this here: Fur Beanie

Staying with the cozy vibe here, but PJs are a big staple in our home during the holidays! We always got to open one gift on Christmas Eve growing up & it always would include new Holiday jammies. I love this tradition and am carrying this over into my little fam this year as well!
Shop these cute Jammies here:
Baby It's Warm Inside

Guys this bag is my favorite and it's on sale!! This Tory Burch bag makes my heart swoon! It's seriously about 100.00 off! You can't beat that! This bag comes in 3 colors as well! Go get one for you and one for a gift!
Shop here:
Tory Burch

Nothing better than candles! This set is only $25.00 and it comes with three candles! Perfect to split up into separate gifts, maybe for teachers or friends!!
Shop here: Voluspa Candle Trio

This necklace is on my wish list! How cute and dainty is this necklace! Perfect for layering as well!
Shop this super cute necklace here: Initial Necklace

Obsessing over this Kate Spade New York odds and ends tray! Perfect to keep near the sink or your bedside table to place your jewelry or other Knick-Nacks!!
Shop it here: Odds and Ends Tray

Guys! You know I love skincare so much so this is close to my heart, but look how cute this gift set is from Kiehls!!! Perfect gift for just about any lady in your life and what a great deal coming in at only $59.00!!
Shop here: Kiehls Skin Care

Loving this Marble Case! Only $20.00!!
Shop it here: iPhone Case

And last but not least... How cute is this throw blanket! It looks extremely soft and I can't get over how cute those fur poms are!!!
Shop this throw as well as others here: Comfy Cozy Throw Blanket
I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Better get to shopping!
I'll catch ya next time girls!

Leopard is a Neutral, Right?

Okay guys! I have found the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. Whether it be a night out or running errands with the fam this adorable leopard clutch is definitely the move. I found this bag among other amazing pieces from a brand called The Mint Julep
I absolutely love the removable strap! So when I'm out doing my thing feeling fancy and want to wear it just as a clutch I can or those nights out at the bar when I do not want to worry about leaving my purse somewhere, I can throw on the strap and be worry free! For day to day errands I can use  the strap as well and be hands free to focus and chase after my rambunctious toddler ;)
Being a mother and leading a busy budgeted life I am always looking for a deal! This bag retails for only $36.00 and you can snag one up and maybe some other amazing pieces using the link below!
Leopard Clutch link
Or: if you are feeling really crazy you can sign up for emails from Shop the Mint & receive $10.00 off your next purchase making it only $26.00!!! I vote for the later!
If you just want to check out what else this brand has to offer, here is a link to their New Arrivals !
Here's some details on how I paired my clutch! I chose a neutral look with all earth tones to wear during the day.
 I could also picture this bag paired with black jeans and a bright flirty top to really make the bag pop!

Hope you enjoyed this post!
Get to shopping loves
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