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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Here I will go through some of my fav sunglasses I own as well as some great places to shop. I am all about designer dupes, because who really has $300 to shell out on some tortoise Karen Walker sunnies ( if I could i would tho.. let's be real)
Here is my current & growing collection:
Guys! I don't know where I have been all of my life but I had no clue HTTP://WWW.NORDSTROM.COM had such cute designer and designer inspired sunglasses! To top it off there is free shipping on all orders and their customer service and returns are the best! It is free to return items too if they do not workout which is helpful in the sunglass department because you never know how a style will look on your face shape until you try it on! I highly recommend starting there! I found the rose gold and the black on black over-sized aviators on their site for under $15.00- You just can not beat that! & btw they are bomb quality! I would just recommend buying your own sunglass case or cases because they do not come with their own. I will link these pairs below!
nude rose.jpg
Nude/Rose gold (these come in other colors as well)
black black
Black/Black (other color options available)

china doll
The top pair (Clear mirrored cat eyed lenses) are a fav of mine. I love the dramatic cat eye. I am not sure if these are still available but will link similar pairs. These are a bit pricey but not too bad! They are the China Doll by QUAY AUSTRALIA (pronounced key). I found these at my tjmaxx for only  $19.99 but they originally run for $60.00 on their site, so I definitely lucked out!|cid:339225924|agid:24000396804|tid:pla-124846776804|crid:83306767404|nw:g|rnd:16928814189744515040|dvc:c|adp:1o3&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=G_PacSun_Shopping%20Brand_General&utm_content=GS_quay&utm_term=&OriginID=GOG&k_clickid=27dd05e6-385f-4de6-b3d7-c330230d2a68&XCIDP=P:GOOGLE.G_PacSun_Shopping%20Brand_General_&gclid=Cj0KEQjwuOHHBRDmvsHs8PukyIQBEiQAlEMW0KKrjJh2rHOCiy75PxeduF9xmpHVZKL5qm3YGnovgJ0aAqPs8P8HAQ#

Another great website for designer inspired sunnies that wont break the bank is Windsor Store! That is where I got my tortoise pair! They were only $10.00. I love finding inexpensive sunglasses because they get lost  and scratched so easily- that being said $10.00 is not really a loss.
Here are some Windsor sunglasses I am loving.
windsor rose gold.jpg
windsor black
I hope you enjoyed,

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