Night Time Routine- Pamper Edition

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Being a Mom means having to squeeze in time for yourself. Taking 5 minute breaks to eat in piece, scheduling some weekend manicures to get away or that awesome moment when you get to take a target trip without a screaming toddler.
I find "spa nights" are the easiest way to unwind after a stressful day of being a partial SAHM. When I am tuckered out from playing barbies or I've had enough of cleaning and organizing my home. I like to relax in a huge bubble bath once I tuck the little one into bed. That way I know I am getting some uninterrupted relaxation time and also it doesn't break the bank (like target does lol.)
My spa nights start off with a bubble bath. Time to wash away the sticky mess that my # year old has gotten all over me and to release some tension that the day brought about. Some products that are must haves are:
Lush Bath Bomb:
bath bomb
Because who doesn't want to take a pink bath?!  This is the sex bomb from lush. It is a jasmine soak that helps to relax and get you in a romantic mood. I mostly like it because its pink and it leaves my skin feeling soft as well! Follow the link to buy your own sex bomb or to pickup other bombs they offer. These run for about $7.00 or $8.00 and are a perfect gift for mother's day as well (hint hint.)
Nivea In-Shower Body lotion:IMG_2837
This is how I like to end my shower. Post shave, and girls if you hate shaving your legs, the bath is the place to do it cause I'm lazy as no other and this way I'm sitting down. How easy is that, HELLO this is genius! Now I have to admit this product was sent to be to review but boy have I become a believer. At first thought I didn't understand the concept. I thought it would just wash off in the shower or bath and that it wouldn't even have a change to penetrate the skin. I was wrong. To use this product you shower and wash your body per usual, then lotion up with the product and rinse off any excess residue. Once out of the bath you can towel off as normal. I have noticed a huge improvement in my super dry skin just from adding this product into my routine! I highly recommend you pick this up and it's from the drugstore so accessibility is great!
Face Mask: Sheet Masks
Now this is something you can do in the bath or after you get out but taking care of your skin is so important. My favorite is the brightening mask to help brighten my skin tone also so you can't tell I'm running on coffee and little to no sleep !  These masks pictured above are from a website called here you can shop makeup, skincare, jewelry and some accessories for only $1 each! You can't beat the price, so definitely check them out!
Nyakio Face Polish:
This scrub is from a brand called nyakio, influester sent me a sample for free to review for their site and I enjoyed using it so much. Exfoliation is so important in a good skin care routine. I exfoliate about 2-3 times a week with my tried and true Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrub but it was nice to treat my skin to something different. This is a Kenyan coffee scrub which are super popular these days. To Use: dampen skin and massage onto face in circular motions and rinse well with warm water. They recommend using 3-4 times per week. This helps to shed the dead skin cells and leave you with a smooth and better texture to your skin.
To purchase you can go to or pick up from Ulta Beauty.
OPI Nail Polish: Mod about you
mod about you
After my fingers are way to prune-y from my bath it is time for a quick in home mani. Painting my nails is next to impossible during the day because I can't just sit around while they dry and let my daughter run around aimless. Here is my go to spring color, mod about you is a baby pink that is a super light shade. It is a tried and true staple and perfect for those spring and summer months. Ranging anywhere from $8-11.00 dollars, here is a link for it at your local macy's

Once my bath time routine is done I like to relax on my phone checking into social media and catching up on some youtube videos from my favorite subscribers. Check out below who I am loving currently!
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