Ole Miss Game Day

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to attend an Ole Miss Football game vs Auburn. As a young adult from Akron, Ohio where football really isn't a big deal, besides Ohio State of course, this was super exciting. Football is taken so seriously down in the south and Ole Miss does it up big.  I wanted to make a post all about my experience so that I would have something to look back on in the years to come.

To start the day off we headed over to the grove to tailgate. This is an area near the stadium where people set tents up to tailgate. It gets as crazy as people camping out or hiring companies to set their tents up for them in order to get the best locations! Honestly, this was the coolest part of the day! The energy is so high! Everyone is hanging out with each other with one common goal- to eat good food, watch some football and drink.


Next up was the stadium, which by the way can I mention is HUGE!! I have never been inside of a stadium that large, let alone for college football!

I was fortunate enough to have club seats, so up to the top I went & boy was the view incredible. Again, the atmosphere was electric. Fans every which way you looked, with a sprinkle of travelers from Auburn, who stuck out like a sore thumb in their orange. Music was blaring, food was being passed around and overall everyone was super excited to be there, which I loved. In the club level all food and drinks were complimentary, which again, is crazy to me as someone who grew up having to pay for the overpriced stadium food. I guess this is a luxury I've been missing out on my whole life. But anyways, my daughter Emory, age 4 and I enjoyed this part of the experience very much.

The game did end up in a loss but honestly I felt like a winner regardless. The experience alone was enough for me. I can't even imagine how amazing the day would have been if they had won!

Post game, everyone flocked back to the grove to party some more! Again, how cool is that!? Even though the team had lost, everyone was still up for a good time. I passed on this part as I was extremely tired from the early wake up call for tailgating (6am) and decided to relax at home for a bit before I partook in a game day cook out at a family friends.

Overall, I had the best time ever and can not wait to return for more games next season. Who knows, maybe I'll be back to see how they do the basketball season...


College Game Day Vlog


  1. That sounds so fun! Thanks for sharing

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks! We had a blast. It'll be a fun memory to look back on for sure!


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